For fifteen years Company BTA Group has been supplying the domestic market with goods from the leading World's and European manufacturers for waterproofing, land arrangement , landscaping and agriculture. Our company also renders services of design and construction of landscape and agricultural objects, carries out roofing works, installation of equipment and contract supervision.

BTA Group today is a reliable partner and contractor, as well as one of the leading suppliers of waterproofing membranes for roofs, tanks and reservoirs of various sizes and purposes, for zero cycles of constructions and underground waterproofing, PVC and rubber (EPDM) pond liner, liquid waterproofing materials and geotextile.

We also offer a wide range of pumps and lights for water gardens, fountains, falls and streams; filtration systems, professional equipment for clearing reservoirs, bacteria and products for pond’s, fish care and agriculture; figures for fountains and springs, garden and room fountains.

We supply to the Russian market biological products for wastewater treatment, waste management in industry, agriculture and for municipal treatment systems.

Our purpose – is improvement and development of the market of goods for country construction and landscaping with a majority of top quality goods corresponding to innovative technologies and novel design directions.

We see our mission as to assist people to arrange their houses and living environment more comfort and in harmony with nature!

Our company employs qualified experts, capable to show the initiative and creative approach in work, we create conditions for strengthening command spirit, increase professionalism and highly estimate the personal contribution of everyone.

We want the image of our company arouses confidence, respect and sympathy, and for this purpose, we surround our clients with warm advertence.

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